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Stories people want to support

It’s been nearly a full calendar year since COVID-19 turned everything upside down. We’ve all tried our best to keep things going, albeit with new precautions and considerations. One thing PRX has been thinking about is how do we make people going through some of the hardest and most harrowing experiences of their lives care about us? 

There’s no one or right answer to that question. However, an answer we’ve found is that we fit in where people need us most right now, whether that be for the latest information on the pandemic, something entertaining to take the mind off of the dizzying news cycle, or stories that make us all feel a little less alone. These are the stories that people want to hear. These are the stories that people want to support. 

At PRX, your station’s success is as important to us as it is to you. When you carry one of our programs, part of that purchase includes the spring and fall fundraising materials. As you approach spring fundraising this year, reinforce the relationship you have with your listeners with stories they want to hear and the hosts they know and trust.

Take a peek at the spring fundraising hours that meet your listeners where they are, and keep checking our playlist on the Exchange as more programs become available.

Spring Fundraisers

Latino USA
Back in March 2020, Lili Ruiz moved out of New York City to reunite with her family in Chicago. As the first months of quarantine passed by, Lili’s family remained safe and kept in communication with their indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico. At the beginning of June, however, things would take a turn. Lili takes us through a tumultuous summer with her family – from fighting bureaucracy to finding peace in the midst of grief.

For the 2021 Spring fundraising season, here are three of our favorite Reveal stories from the past year.

The Moth
A fundraising hour for stations carrying The Moth Radio Hour weekly. In this episode: healing. Moving on from a failed relationship, finding help in an unexpected place, exercising to get out of a funk, and a very difficult dog.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio
Jamie Oliver chats about how drumming kept him out of trouble as a teenager, what his dad taught him about hard work and how his cooking is heavily influenced by traditional English fare. Plus, we hear from Rev. Heber Brown III about the historical relationship between Black churches and Black farmers; Kenji López-Alt gives us tips on how to get young kids to eat adventurously; and Christopher Kimball and Sara Moulton take your calls.

In addition to the fundraising-friendly content, Milk Street has a variety of options to support your fundraising efforts, including pitching with our host, Christopher Kimball, and lots of options for giveaway items, including Milk Street cookbooks, magazines, unique pantry items, cookware, knives, and more.

Innovation Hub
Hormones, 19th-century hacks, and an aging economy.

Living On Earth
From air pollution and mental health, to tips for low-waste living, to the return of wild beavers to England and more, the Living on Earth 2021 Spring Funder show features a sampling of LOE favorites.

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