Podcast Garage

 The PRX Podcast Garage is a community recording studio, classroom, and event space for audio storytellers of all experience levels.

PRX opened Podcast Garage Boston to support the work of local audio producers and storytellers. Three years later, we arrived in Washington, D.C. and began the work of building Podcast Garage D.C. in the U Street neighborhood.

Our facilities feature recording studios with state-of-the-art recording and mixing equipment and classroom spaces for audio producers. We also host weekly events on the art and business of podcasting. Garage membership provides independent producers with the space, tools, and community to make their shows. 

Each year the Podcast Garage welcomes thousands of podcasters, audio journalists, and media makers through our regularly programmed events, workshops and studio sessions.We also regularly host podcasters and radio journalists from around the world in PRX’s training programs like Project Catapult and the Google Podcasts creator program.


PRX Sound School

PRX Sound School is a series of online podcasting classes taught by industry experts that provide key skills, guidance, and accountability to help you get started on your podcast journey. The core classes comprise three fundamental courses from PRX, Shape Your Idea, Produce Your Audio, and Reach Your Audience. Additional classes are in the works. 

Students learn through weekly instruction, video lectures, hands-on exercises, and lots of valuable feedback from your instructor and fellow classmates. Plus classes are asynchronous, meaning you can log-in, learn, and participate throughout the week at any time — and from anywhere! — that works best for you.



Google Podcasts Creator Program

The Google Podcasts creator program, is a training and accelerator program developed to lower barriers to podcasting and increase the diversity of voices in the industry globally, launched by PRX and Google Podcasts.

Led by PRX’s Training Team, we have trained teams from Kenya, India, the U.S., Spain, Brazil and more. The training is specific to the needs of each team and includes editorial input and technical assistance, plus workshops on marketing, promotion, budgeting and branding. Learn more about the program and meet the teams here

The Google Podcasts creator program also provides free and open resources for podcasters the world over, including our Podcasting 101 video series and its related companion course. 


Project Catapult

Catapult Logo_NEW_large (1).png

PRX launched Project Catapult, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to train public radio stations to develop podcasts as a way to reach new audiences, become more nimble and innovative with content, and recruit and retain diverse talent in the public media system. Selected stations from around the country participate in a 20-week curriculum to develop new skills, including digital content development, cultivating team dynamics, audience engagement, and monetization.

Project Catapult has helped develop 18 podcasts since its inception, and podcasts from the program have been recognized with the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, the Radio Digital News Association’s Kaleidoscope Award, and an Arts Works grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Read more about the project and get to know the podcasts here



PRX has expanded its training program to develop a multi-tier podcast training program. With support from the Boston-based Barr Foundation, we offer workshops for teams and individuals aiming to improve their skills and shows. 

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

With the support of the Boston-based Nellie Mae Education Foundation, PRX developed a two-day training for journalists covering K-12 education and related professionals. The training introduced attendees to audio storytelling as a way to engage new and existing audiences. The training also featured prominent education reporters including Meribah Knight, host of “The Promise” from Nashville Public Radio, Linda Lutton from WBEZ and producer of “The View from Room 216,” Emily Richmond, the public editor of the Education Writers Association, and Sarah Carr, author of “Hope Against Hope,” the story of three New Orleans schools after Hurricane Katrina. 

Knight Foundation

PRX set out to help empower the audio storytelling capacity of news organizations and their journalists and to support under-represented voices in the podcasting space, with support from the Knight Foundation. The project spanned five half-day workshops at the national conferences and chapter gatherings of journalistic organizations like INN, NAHJ, NABJ, and others dedicated to advancing the careers and prominence of journalists of color.

Following these half-day sessions, PRX developed and led three two-day intensive trainings in Philadelphia, San Jose, and virtually in Detroit. Attendance ranged from freelance journalists and prominent editors to news administrators. All participants gained valuable mindsets for podcast development and hands-on audio production experience.  

Serrapilheira Institute, Brazil

PRX is currently partnering with Instituto Serrapilheira, a science nonprofit institution in Rio de Janeiro, to host a multi-week virtual podcast training for podcasters, storytellers and journalists, looking to develop podcasts committed to bringing science into the public debate and professionalize the podcasting industry in Brazil.

The training, set to begin in September 2020, will take a highly interactive and human-centered approach to podcast development, and will dive into entrepreneurial, technical and editorial skills. PRX is working closely with industry leaders already in Brazil to provide a curriculum that is meaningful, accessible, and culturally competent and responsive. The goal of the program is to not only equip producers with the necessary skills for long-term sustainability but to also build off the current momentum for podcasting in Brazil and help establish a more robust network and industry across the country.



PRX wants to support podcasters at every stage of their journey. In addition to the courses, workshops and events we support, we’ve developed several online resources. 

Podcasting 101 Videos and Companion Course


A 10-part instructional video series to support early-stage podcasters around the world, from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program. Hosted by podcast veterans Luvvie Ajayi, author of the New York Times best-seller “I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual” and host of the “Rants & Randomness” and “Jesus & Jollof” podcasts, and Sean Rameswaram, host of Vox Media’s daily news podcast “Today, Explained,” this video series is subtitled and transcribed in fifteen languages including Spanish, Hindi, French, Arabic and Portuguese to reach podcasters everywhere.

Sign up for the free companion course to the Podcasting 101 videos, a weekly newsletter that walks through each of the ten videos and gives tips, tricks, and short exercises.


Podcaster Toolbox

The Podcaster Toolbox is a crowd-sourced guide for independent, DIY, and/or early-stage podcasters. Originally designed to support podcasters working from home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the guide has expanded to include resources for podcasters at any stage — and place — of production. 

 Have an idea for a resource for PRX to develop? Please let us know here


Podcast Training for Your Team

The PRX Podcast Training team is also ready and excited to meet your team where you are and serve your specific podcast training needs. We provide hands-on, customizable learning experiences for all levels of podcasters — and have worked with individual public radio stations, publications, nonprofits and universities. Our unique approach, rooted in design thinking, focuses on cultivating the audience-first strategy needed to reach your target listeners.

Our workshops are tailored based on the amount of time we have and the needs of our partnering organizations and participants. However, almost all include these basic elements:

  • Introduction to the podcasting landscape

  • Introduction to design thinking exercises and mindsets

  • Understanding your intended audience

  • Key first decisions to make when starting a podcast

  • Working in groups to prototype a podcast concept (this may include a focus statement, a concept poster, and/or a 2-minute trailer)

Our rates vary, and we are happy to work with you to determine a solution that works best for your organization’s size and budget, particularly for nonprofit and community groups. Please reach out to trainingteam@prx.org for a rate sheet and/or to schedule a free initial consultation. 

These workshops are intended for small groups (fewer than 20 people). If you are a solo podcaster or part of a small team, please consider visiting the Podcast Garage for virtual and in-person workshops and meetups, or enrolling in PRX Sound School, a collection of 6-week courses that cover concept refinement, audio production and marketing.