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One stream. Endless stories.

PRX Remix is our 24/7 channel of the best stories and podcasts handpicked from independent creators. A lot of what we air isn't heard anywhere else.


How do I listen?

  1. On smart speakers. Say, "Alexa, play PRX Remix on TuneIn."

  2. Online with TuneIn

  3. Streaming 24/7 on XM channel 123

  4. On these public radio stations:


  • WGBH, Boston, MA (Mon.-Fri. 1-3 a.m.)

  • WCAI, The Cape and Islands, MA (Sun. nights on Arts and Ideas at 8, 9, or 10 p.m. ET)

  • RIPR, Providence, RI (Sat. at 6 a.m. and Sun. at 8 p.m.)

  • Royalton Community Radio, VT (Wed. at 11 a.m. ET)

  • WREM, North Country Public Radio, Canton, NY (24/7)

  • WRVO-REMIX (WRVO-2) HD, Oswego, NY (24/7)


  • WVMM, Mechanicsburg, PA (Wed. at 11 a.m. ET)

  • WLVR (WLVT), Bethlehem, PA (Sat. 10-11 p.m.; Sun. 8-11 p.m.)


  • WFAE, Charlotte, NC (Sat. 10 p.m.-midnight)

  • WJCT, Jacksonville, FL (TBD)

  • WTEB Public Radio East, Eastern North Carolina (Sat./Sun. 12-7 a.m.; Mon-Fri 12-5 a.m.; PRX Remix Select also on Sat.)

  • WFPL, Louisville, KY (Sun. 9 p.m. ET)

  • KPSQ, Fayetteville, AR (Sun. at noon CT)

  • WETS, Tri-Cities region of Tennessee (Sat. 2-6 a.m.)


  • KTRL, Stephenville, TX (Sat. 9 a.m.)


  • KCPW, Salt Lake City, UT (Mon. through Fri. 9 p.m.-midnight)

  • KDXI, St. George, UT (Fri. at 9 a.m. MT)

  • KVNF, Paonia, CO (Fri. at 6 p.m. MT)

  • KPBZ, Spokane Public Radio, Spokane, WA (24/7)

  • KMRE, Bellingham, WA (Tues.)

  • KALW 91.7 FM, San Francisco, CA (Sun. midnight-5 a.m. PT)

  • KSQD, Santa Cruz, CA (Every-other Tues. at 3 p.m. PT)

  • KLCC, Eugene, OR (Wed. 7-8 p.m.; Sat. 11 a.m.-noon)


  • WOUB, Athens, OH (Mon.-Fri. 6-9 a.m.)

  • WFHB, Bloomington, IN (Sun. 6 a.m. - 9 a.m.)

  • Interlochen Public Radio, MI (Sat. 1-2 a.m.)

  • KRPS, Pittsburg, KS (Sun.)

  • KWIT, Sioux City, IA (Thu. at noon; repeat Sat. at 9 a.m.)

  • KTXK, Texarkana, TX (4-8 a.m. weekdays)

  • KICI, Iowa City, Iowa (TBD)

  • KCUR, Kansas City, Kansas (Mon.- Thu. 10 PM to midnight)

  • WPR, Madison, Wisconsin (Sat. & Sun between 8-11 PM)

Outside of the mainland U.S.

  • KFSK, Petersburg, AK (Mon.-Fri. midnight to 4 a.m.; Sat. 2-5 a.m.; Sun. 2-6 a.m.)

  • KHNS, Haines, AK (Mon.-Fri. 2-5 a.m. AKDT)

  • Raven Radio, Sitka, AK (Thu 12-2 a.m.)

  • Ice Radio, McMurdo Station, Antarctica (24/7)

5. Embed PRX Remix on your site:

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Who Produces PRX Remix?

PRX Remix is under new leadership as of 2018: Genevieve Sponsler is Senior Manager, Content and Remix Producer. She has worked at PRX in different capacities since 2007 — cultivating, promoting, and curating unique audio stories from around the world.

Se’era Spragley Ricks is Community Manager of the PRX Podcast Garage, a space focused on supporting the work of audio producers and storytellers. Prior to PRX, she worked at WAMU 88.5, Daily Press Media Group, and Christopher Newport University’s Ferguson Center for the Arts. Learn more at